The X Factor 2018 - Week 6 And Beyond

This series of The X Factor has seen shock after shock after shock in the elimination markets. Last week, plenty speculated that Shan had a chance of landing in the Bottom Three, including yours truly, but never did I expect them to ditch her in order to save Acacia and Aaliyah. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that profits from the eliminations have been harder to come by than ever, when I usually do better on them overall than I do on the outright. The last remaining group got through last night’s flash vote by injecting a bit of energy into a show packed full of ballads.

It looks very much like the show will save them for a fourth week running in tonight’s sing off versus Anthony. Producers last night looked like they want to get rid of the lairy Liverpudlian. But given how unpredictable some of the sing off results have been, it’s one on which I’m not likely to be betting.

Assuming that the two girls get through to next week’s final in the name of variety, everything looks extremely easy to predict from here on out (I say that now…). Acacia and Aaliyah will finish third, Scarlett will finish second and Dalton will win.


The latter’s VT last night was my favourite of the whole series, with ‘The Duchess’ Fergie endorsing Dalton and saying we should adopt him into our country. This was the opposite of the typical non-favoured foreigner VT where they would send them to a foreign embassy and have them speak a foreign language, and perhaps stuffing their faces with foreign fares. The British public have embraced Dalton and I imagine he has been smashing the vote since week two at least. He has had one or two questionable staging concepts in my opinion, but it doesn’t seem to have halted his momentum in the vote. As a black foreign contestant, he didn’t have the credentials to win, at least on paper. But he is a very sweet and likeable guy, Jamaica is a Commonwealth country where English is the official language. There are hundreds of thousands of people of Jamaican origin living in the UK. He has been head and shoulders ahead of everyone else in terms of talent, performance and emotional connection. His sob story past has been written about in The S*n. The producers have shown no desire to stop him from winning and the judges are firmly on board with him also. I would therefore like to congratulate Dalton Harris as the fifteenth winner of The X Factor.

Thanks for reading my coverage and I hope to see you all next year for Dancing on Ice and Eurovision, unless anything else pops up in the meantime that I feel like writing about. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!