The X Factor 2018 - Week 4 Live Show Preview

The spookiest part about Fright Night at The X Factor was the shocking sound problems which plagued the Saturday night broadcast. That show was pre-recorded, so I have no idea what went wrong there. In the end, I don’t think it affected much to do with the voting results. The Bottom Three and eliminated contestants were exactly who I had expected them to be. Acacia and Aaliyah being saved 3-1 by the judges suggests they were probably below Molly in the vote.

The question now of course is, will the two girls be allowed to bounce this week, and will the public help them to do so. I don’t think they have ever done well in the vote this series, so they have to be candidates for the Bottom Three again. The ‘Survivor’ song choice suggests the producers might work with a bounce, but it might have a cap put on it like with Brendan last week.

The Irish contestant is coming down from his sympathy bounce and so is currently a deserving favourite to be in the Bottom Three again. ‘Man In The Mirror’ is apparently one of Brendan’s favourite ever songs and is an X Factor staple. 

What seemed noticeable last week is that they also seemed keen to bring Anthony down a peg or two. He had ‘time’s up’ clock staging on the backdrop and was called both a “scally” and “out of tune”. His song choice of ‘Eye of the Tiger’ is karaoke by numbers and was set up by Simon’s “boxer” comment last week. The market now rates him less likely to be in the final.

Dalton is still flying high at the top of the market and mostly probably the vote. I’ve been laying him at current prices so I’m hoping for a slight drift when he sings ‘California Dreaming’, which was the song that killed off fellow foreigner Seann Miley Moore in 2015.

The judges seemed quite keen to establish a ‘battle’ between Dalton and Shan, which is likely to take them both to the final. The latter may well be on a slight downwards trajectory though. Her version of ‘Sound of Silence’ was epic vocally but probably not the most vote-motivating. This week she has a more peculiar choice in ‘Golden Numbers/Carry That Weight’ and she will probably do a fine job once again.

Scarlett Lee has struck gold with her song choice this week, with the epic ‘I’ll Never Love Again’, which is the emotional closing song from A Star Is Born. I imagine she performed very strongly in the vote last week, aided by a sympathy VT and gushing praise from the judges which suggests she’s probably pencilled in for the final. Can she go all the way and win it? That will be down to the producers of course, but it’s pretty easy to imagine the public going for her. I’ve got my fingers crossed she’ll be the new favourite this time tomorrow.

Stripping Bella of her rapping also takes away her USP. What is the point of her now? And why would people vote for her when Shan and Scarlett are much stronger singers? ‘A Million Dreams’ is from The Greatest Showman but is probably only the fourth or fifth most popular song from that film. It seems to me like this weekend she might naturally fall into the Bottom Three.

Danny vs Gio is still an ongoing battle in the Overs category. The former has the epic ‘My Heart Will Go On’, which always goes down very well with this audience. I’m hoping Danny might be a profitable lay for Bottom Two/Three after the show, just like Saara Aalto was when she performed this song. Watching last week’s show back without the sound problems revealed a surprisingly emotional edit for Danny, as he dedicated the performance to his late Auntie whose favourite show was The X Factor.


Meanwhile, Gio is kept firmly in his ‘Greatest Showman’ lane and I’m hoping he does a better job of the title track than the terrible Strictly singers did a few weeks ago. If there are to be four acts in this year’s final, there might well be room for either of the two Overs yet.

I can’t say the same about either of the two groups. Simon gave a dig at Misunderstood last week by suggesting Acacia and Aaliyah were the best group on the show, but amusingly called the latter “Akeesha and A-liar”, which I’m sure was part of their planned Bottom Three takedown. If the two girls are to bounce this week then the male duo might find themselves in the danger zone. However, it’s not possible to predict how they will do with their ‘Maniac’ song choice in advance of the show. But it does strike me as being Saturday night-friendly at least and familiar to the audience.