Eurovision 2019 First Impressions - Romania and Germany

Ester Peony winning Romania’s national final was the most corrupt Eurovision-related occurance since Valentina Monetta’s crooked qualification in 2014. ‘On a Sunday’ is a slow, contemporary ballad that caught the attention of almost no one during the selection itself. It reminds me a lot of Latvia’s 2018 effort ‘Funny Girl’, but with a bit more of a kick to the instrumentation. Neither Latvia nor Romania qualified last year, but you have to think that the former would have made it had the song been sent by the latter and its superior voting power. Some money had clearly been put into the backdrop for this song, among other things. I would change the rest of the staging though, as the band members just looked totally bored and as if they didn’t want to be there. I think it’s more likely to take Romania back to the final than not, but that it could also potentially fail.

S!sters are doing it for themselves and Germany with the song ‘Sister’. Except, err, they aren’t even related. I can envisage many of the commentators, like Graham Norton, pointing out this fact pre-song, which would likely undermine their performance. This duo is clearly strong vocally, so it’s a shame they’ve been lumbered with such a dated, cringeworthy song. It would probably take a much more inventive staging concept than a revolving platform in order to elevate this doomed entry to anything better than a finishing position in the 20s. Though the right-hand side is definitely feeling crowded as things stand.