Eurovision 2019 First Impressions - Estonia and Latvia

Former Melodifestivalen singer Victor Crone will represent Estonia at Eurovision this year, after a convincing victory at Eesti Laul with the song ‘Storm’. This is a very safe, middle-of-the-road entry performed by a WGWG - white guy with a guitar. Despite not being particularly exciting, it’s probably one of the better songs that has been selected for Tel Aviv thus far. Victor is a telegenic guy, but I would like to see some creativity in the staging concept in order to help this entry do well. The song quality might be enough for it to qualify regardless. If it makes it to the final, I can’t really see it troubling the left-hand side.

It’s starting to feel like a while now since Aminata worked her mystical magic two years running for Latvia. ‘That Night’ by Carousel managed to win a poor Supernova selection show on Saturday night. This is a very low-key, jazz club offering which doesn’t feel like the best of fits for the Eurovision stage. The monochrome visuals attempt to fool the audience into believing it’s a higher quality entry than it actually is. There might be something for juries here, with its earnestness, but I can’t see televoters reacting well to ‘That Night’ at all. Unless something drastically changes, this should be Latvia’s third non-qualification in a row.