Big Brother 2018 - The Anamélia Show

The 2018 series of Big Brother launched last Friday with the news that it would be the final one to air on Channel 5. Betting on the civilian version of the show is vastly different to Celebrity Big Brother, for all sorts of reasons.

First of all, it is a marathon, not a sprint. This series is fifty-three days long and won’t end until Monday 5th November. Some older viewers may have switched off with it not airing until 10pm and the cast all aged between eighteen and thirty-two. None of the housemates were known to viewers this time around, so pre-existing fanbases were non-existent and so therefore we can be sure it will be ‘won in the house’. More twists and turns are to be expected in this series, as we have been told by both Rylan and Emma Willis as well as in the media. I will be building up outright positions on certain housemates very carefully, as you have to be cautious just in case your biggest green gets evicted by the press of a buzzer, a four-in-four-out twist or put up for eviction without actually being nominated. It is vote-to-evict for the whole series, so someone who is ‘entertaining’ always runs the risk of getting evicted if they are also divisive.

A cryptocurrency-inspired task dominated house proceedings in the first week. Ever since launch night, housemates have been fiercely competing for ‘Big coins’, which has led to some strategic game-playing and drama which has been very entertaining to watch. Anamélia, Kay and Sian had the three lowest coin totals at the end of the task and will face tonight’s first eviction.

Barnsley-based waitress Sian won a pre-show app poll to be given a Big coin advantage, though viewers didn’t know who she was at the time. Despite this, she has ended up in the Bottom Three. She seems a nice girl and should be the safest tonight. I can see her getting cheered by the crowd and being a big price to be evicted once the Betfair market has got going.

The vast majority of the first week has been all about Brazilian-born firecracker Anamélia, to the extent that it has been called The Anamélia Show. She is a fame-hungry wannabe who has also briefly appeared on the British X Factor. She claims to be a spiritual adviser, not too dissimilar to Sally Morgan. Surprisingly, she also claims to be celibate even though she has been talking openly about sex in the house. Apparently, she’s also eaten bread off the ground that has been covered in ants, in addition to attending a sex party in Beverly Hills. Basically, she is full of horse shit and appears to be a compulsive liar.


Anamélia absolutely fits the bill in terms of the typical first evictee. She is female (check), controversial (check), confrontational (check), domineering (check), threatening (check), beautiful (check) and sexual (check). At the time of writing, she is trading at 1.21 to be evicted, but could there be a surprise tonight?

If there were to be a shock, it would be Kay getting evicted instead. She has been mostly invisible in the first week (largely thanks to Anamélia) and so hasn’t made much of an impression. Apart from being Anamélia’s lap dog, I can barely remember anything Kay has done in the first week. So why would people be inspired to pick up the phone to evict her?

Even though my head says the Jessie J lookalike will probably be evicted, there seems to be a bit of a campaign among fans to get Kay to get evicted instead. It’s the usual sort of thing – the former is apparently ‘entertaining’ whereas the latter is deemed as ‘boring’. I noticed that Anamélia featured in the highlights show far less than usual last night. With the vote only opening at 11pm last night, this will probably have the effect of reducing what could have been a landslide for her in terms of eviction votes. Bit On The Side also seemed to be on the side of keeping Anamélia, though I’m not sure it ever has much of an influence.

Plenty of the data online says that Kay has a chance of being evicted tonight, or at least that it could be close. Ratings are lower than they have ever been and so voting numbers should also be at their lowest. A spirited campaign by fans to save Anamélia by evicting Kay could therefore actually succeed. In terms of my eviction trading strategy, I will likely have a small back of Kay/lay of Anamélia on value grounds. Unlike with Natalie Nunn in CBB, there is probably more to come from Anamélia, and she at least seems to be a more complex, multi-faceted character.

Do you agree with me that Kay has a chance of getting evicted tonight, or is Anamélia a cert to go with her haters being able to evict her in such a straightforward manner? Feel free to leave a comment below.