Big Brother 2018 - New Arrivals Incoming

These evictions are getting ridiculously predictable now. Tonight, semi-pro footballer Isaac will be shown the red card by viewers who are voting en masse to evict him. Fans of Akeem and Brooke (does she even have any?) have absolutely nothing to worry about, as Isaac was last matched at 1.1 on Betfair and there’s couple of thousand looking to back him. I suspect and hope that the evictions will get more interesting as we get deeper into the series.

Instead, the excitement on tonight’s live show will come in the form of two new arrivals. This was very much necessary after the ejection of Ellis and the self-ejection of Kay. Personally speaking, I thought the show was getting a bit stale, so I’m glad that we will get to see some new faces. Rylan said on last night’s BOTS that there will be one male; a physiotherapist, and one female; a race horse rider (do they mean jockey?). This looks likely to shake up the outright market as surely at least one of them will make a positive enough impression to be considered a contender. Last year, Isabelle won the show as a latecomer.


The market currently views Akeem (5.0), Cian (5.3), Zoe (5.9) and Lewis (8.0) as the most likely to end up winning the £100,000. However, Zoe is not currently on my list of potential winners as I don’t think she has the charisma necessary to win, though she is getting good airtime. She’s northern, normal and has non-threatening looks, but mostly just sits around looking miserable. It’s perhaps a positive for Zoe that only one of the new arrivals is a woman.

New arrivals aside, I think the winner if announced tonight would likely be Lewis or Akeem. Tomasz was looking very strong over the last couple of weeks but seems to be losing it with excessive game-playing and being too jealous of ‘nice guy’ Akeem. Cameron, like Zoe, is also a bit miserable and is too confrontational in a way that isn’t funny. Still, his will-he-won’t-he contrived coming out storyline will have to be monitored quite closely in case the public end up falling for it. Sîan and Brooke are complete non-entities in terms of the edit, and Kenaley hasn’t made much impact either.

Producers have been gathering very useful data in the form of weekly free app polls. If this continues for the rest of the series then they will have a very good idea of what they have to do to get their preferred winner, should they have one.

For the regular series of Big Brother, it’s very important for one to lay more than they have backed in anticipation of any new arrivals. A series across many weeks can see lots of things go wrong, which is what has happened this time. I therefore look forward to gaining a significant Any Other green on tonight’s new entrants, which will be useful to play around with in terms of steadily building up my outright positions.