Big Brother 2018 - Lewis versus Akeem

It may have taken three and a half weeks, but we now have a clear favourite to win Big Brother. Lewis (formerly known as Lewis F) is trading at around 3.25 to win the show, having touched 2.54 earlier in the week. He is by far the biggest character on the show and is dominating the airtime most nights with his confrontations and charismatic diary room rants. His position in the house presents him to the audience as a sort of fascinating outsider (despite his typically good looks).


His closest rival as far as the market is concerned is Zoe (5.4), but she went backwards earlier in the week after showing an unpleasant jealous side. If you like your default winners to be mopey and miserable, then she could be the one. But at least she has the benefit of the being the only female with any chance whatsoever. Cian (9.4) could end up being a default winner, if the stars align for him, who, in stark contrast to Zoe at least, is upbeat and positive most of the time and does his best to stand up for what he feels is right.

Cameron (9.6) had what was considered a big moment on Monday night, where he came out in front of the rest of the housemates. It seemed a bit of a blip in terms of making him momentarily popular, as he has since reverted to his constant bitchy and disagreeable behaviour. The knives have been out for him all week online as if his coming out moment never even happened.

If it’s not to be Lewis who wins the show, it could well end up being Akeem (6.4). This time last week, I wrote that I thought saw the win as being between Lewis and Akeem. One week later, I’m writing this article where I think it will be between, err, Lewis and Akeem. Last night’s show saw an epic hot tub argument between the two wannabe alpha males. It was a little bit uncomfortable to watch and was heavily fuelled by the red wine that Lewis had been seen downing all episode. Akeem ended up being the ‘bigger man’ by leaving the hot tub first, while Lewis continued to make a fool of himself. The latter does seem to get a pass for some of his outbursts as he suffers from anxiety, which has been acknowledged by a lot of his supporters. Regardless, he is by far the most interesting and entertaining character on the show and is easy on the eye.

The Lewis vs. Akeem fight overshadowed Cameron’s coming out moment as the week’s defining moment. It looks like a narrative is now well and truly established to make them the Final 2, with viewers taking one side over the other. They are both highly fanciable males with strong regional votes (the North East vs. Wales), and it’s easy to imagine them being the last two on the sofa before Emma Willis announces Channel 5’s last ever winner.

However, a great danger to this prediction could come in the form of the vote-to-evict system which could potentially see one of the favourites leaving before the final. The addition of the pathetic Hussain should provide a buffer for this for next Friday at least. After which, anything could potentially happen and Lewis’ unpleasant fight with Akeem could be largely forgotten. We may well see a double eviction or two as there are still several housemates to kick out in the twenty-four days that remain. Could there also be a big prize money twist or backdoor eviction on the horizon?

Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I live in a world where I can make three figures from occasions such as Kenaley’s eviction. She has been a total disappointment who has offered nothing to this series, apart from one argument with Isaac on the plane and a lot of fag-smoking. She is consistently unpopular, having been bottom of the app poll twice and towards the very bottom another week. She has no fans, apart from a handful of gay guys on Twitter who won’t be voting. Akeem, on the other hand, has a lot of fans, is a sexy guy with brooding looks who has offered a lot to this series. It won’t be needed on this occasion, but he also has strong Welsh regional support behind him. Black women have a horrendous eviction record on this show, and it will be no surprise to see Kenaley get the boot tonight.


Newbies Hussain and Isabella have been massive let downs, with the former being a repulsive ‘budget budget Stephen Bear’ and the latter struggling to even make the edit. Still, I’m happy to have made good money, that I didn’t have this time last week, by laying them both on Betfair.

The events of this week have shown that the rest of the series will have to be monitored closely in terms of figuring out this year’s winner. Lewis is the strong favourite for now, but it remains to be seen whether that will still be the case this time next week.