Big Brother 2018 - Girl Powerless

The shit well and truly hit the fan this time last week, when Lewis was sensationally ejected from the house for uttering something anti-semitic. He was the outright favourite and was coasting to victory, helped along the way by the producers who were doing everything they could to ensure he made the final. The furore surrounding Lewis’s removal and the fact that fans are still going on about it just go to show how easily he would have won. The market was quick to decide that enough Lewis fans will subsequently throw their weight behind Cameron in order to make him the most likely winner. But this is someone who was looking at third place at best when Lewis was still in the house, so it’s probably wise to not make any outright winner calls just yet.

Producers opened the vote-to-win last Friday night, in anticipation of Lewis still being there. They announced that the bottom two housemates will be facing eviction tonight, in the penultimate live show of the series - and possibly ever. It couldn’t be more obvious that the three remaining males; Akeem, Cameron and Cian will be flying high at the top of the vote, whereas the females; Brooke, Sîan and Zoe will be significantly behind at the bottom. The girls have been a huge let down in this series, as most of the drama and entertainment has revolved around the guys. We are therefore looking for only one woman to sneak into Monday night’s final. But whom?

Zoe was a very popular figure at the start of the series for being somewhat down-to-earth and normal. However, viewers seemed to tire of her after a few weeks. Her bitchy, miserable and two-faced behaviour came to light and she has continued to drift in the outright market. Still, with her being an ordinary northern lass I respect her chances of escaping eviction tonight and finishing in fourth place. The fact that Zoe’s dressing gown is up for an award on the Big Brother app says a lot.

Fellow mother and Yorkshire resident Sîan has been almost completely anonymous throughout the series. Nikki Grahame divulged that pretty much all we’ve seen of her is her chain-smoking and, err, that’s about it. She did have a relatable moment this week where she said if she won the prize money she’d still shop “in’t sales” and only buy Domino’s when she can get “£40 for £20”. Despite her also being a normal northern lass, it’s a struggle to imagine anyone to pick up the phone to vote Sîan in t’final.


Tattooed lesbian Brooke also hasn’t had many memorable moments this series. However, unlike most Big Brother housemates, she does seem to have her head screwed on. She is the certainly the least bitchy of the three remaining females and does seem to be quite compassionate towards others. I backed her for Top Female fairly recently when she had some momentum, and while I’m still hopeful I can collect on it, the chances are I probably won’t be. There are a small number of people in the online comments supporting Brooke to win, so tonight we’ll find out if they’ve actually voted for her. She seems more middle class than Zoe and Sîan which could be a turn off for some people voting.

Tonight’s show should probably be viewed as Part 1 of the final, so I may as well make a prediction as to what I think the finishing order will be. The three women could probably finish any order, though I would be surprised to see Sîan come out on top. I’ve settled on the following prediction:

 4th – Zoe


5th – Brooke

6th – Sîan 

My potential last Big Brother article ever will appear on Monday, where I will go into detail as to which of the three guys I think might win.