Big Brother 2018 - Double Trouble For Lewis?

Week 6 in the Big Brother house has certainly been a tumultuous one. A brilliant episode on Sunday night saw the housemates competing in a task to reduce each other’s Big Coins. After which, Hussain successfully bid on a prize which let him put Lewis up for the public vote without getting the chance to save himself in the game changer. He perhaps should’ve put Cameron up instead, as Lewis would very likely have been nominated by his housemates regardless.


A huge moment came this week on Tuesday evening when it was announced that the viewers would be allowed to vote on whether to change the voting system to vote-to-save or keep the more traditional vote-to-evict. You have to remember that the producers get valuable voting data every week in the form of the free viewer poll, where the public vote for their favourite housemate after each eviction. I would imagine that they saw Lewis was miles ahead in this poll and thought ‘Let’s go for it!’, by giving viewers the option to switch it to vote-to-save. But, like Theresa May at the last General Election, this opportunity to keep Lewis safe massively backfired on them. Lewis perhaps had 35% or 40% of the public vote last weekend, but obviously 50% was required in this poll in order to switch the system. Social media had it very close, but I was still surprised to see the viewers keep it as vote-to-evict.

This probably doesn’t bode well for Lewis’ chances of winning the show. A vote-to-save system could well have seen him coast to victory with, say, his 35% keeping him in for the remaining few weeks. He now has to survive a double eviction this evening and potentially two more single evictions before the final.

Tonight’s first eviction seems like a bit of a formality. Lewis is up against Hussain, who is massively unpopular, and Tomasz, who is also disliked but is very safe in the context of this eviction. Hussain’s behaviour over the last two weeks has been hateful and repulsive, so it’s no surprise to see the self-proclaimed ‘King’ as the 1.11 favourite to be evicted first tonight. However, I’ve noticed the comments towards Lewis online become increasingly more negative, so it’s not an eviction I feel like I can get involved with at such low odds. That means I’m less certain that Hussain will go than say, Kenaley or Isaac a couple of weeks ago.


If Lewis haters don’t get him out first tonight, I suspect they will probably get another opportunity in tonight’s second eviction. There’s an exciting ‘One week of Big Brother in one night’ twist which will see nominations, a game changer and an eviction all in one show. The lines for the first eviction close early, at 8pm, so I suspect there is just enough time in the ninety-minute show for the public to have their say in a flash vote. As a result, I have massively reduced my green on Lewis, which is somewhat annoying. I have decided to be careful in this instance as he could easily find himself up against one of the more popular characters like Akeem or Cian. Even if Lewis wins the game changer and/or manages to survive both evictions, I believe he’s definitely damaged his chances this week. I would put his true price of winning the series at this moment in time somewhere in the 3.0 – 4.0 region. While he may well still go on to win the series, he no longer looks like the near cert he did this time last week.

Who else could feature in tonight’s second eviction? If Hussain goes first tonight, as is expected, the housemates could see fellow newcomer Isabella as an easy nomination, especially one which will have to be made almost instantly. If Hussain somehow survives the first eviction, he would undoubtedly be nominated again. There have to be at least two people nominated tonight in order for there to be a game changer, and then more housemates could well be added to it, so there really are quite a lot of permutations for the second eviction. Lewis backers therefore have reason to be hopeful he can survive the night, and layers should also have their fingers crossed that he might go.

In the outright market, Zoe’s outburst towards Hussain last night has probably put her back into contention for now. However, she wasn’t very popular with the audience on Wednesday when I made a cameo on Bit On The Side, and I suspect she will revert back to her two-faced, jealous, bitchy behaviour and overall miserableness before we know it. I still very much respect the chances of both Akeem and Cian, who are both rightly in single figures.

No one puts Tim B in a corner.

No one puts Tim B in a corner.

The most exciting vote of the series could happen this evening if Lewis is involved for the second time. Almost anyone could see themselves evicted, and so the outright market could well look very different this time tomorrow. There are still seventeen days until the final and the winner market still looks fairly open. I suspect the drama and conflict will very much continue between now and Bonfire Night.